Entry #3

Out with the old, in with the new...

2008-12-02 05:53:40 by Newbiespud

Well, now I've uploaded all of the Lynix Overide songs I want on here. I actually uploaded fewer than I had originally planned, but then I realized that the purpose of the Audio Portal was quality, not nostalgia.

Anyway, with that taken care of, I can focus on music I'm making now. My current project is working on tracks for SEED like with Tree of Eternity. There are a few others that Blackarms wants to have not be just midis, an example being the final boss battle.

...And it's hard! Tree of Eternity was simple and effective, and I was channeling a bit of Tales of Phantasia for it. But making something really epic like the final boss theme is going to take a lot of work. Even though I've found some better instrument tools for it...


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