Well, now I've uploaded all of the Lynix Overide songs I want on here. I actually uploaded fewer than I had originally planned, but then I realized that the purpose of the Audio Portal was quality, not nostalgia.

Anyway, with that taken care of, I can focus on music I'm making now. My current project is working on tracks for SEED like with Tree of Eternity. There are a few others that Blackarms wants to have not be just midis, an example being the final boss battle.

...And it's hard! Tree of Eternity was simple and effective, and I was channeling a bit of Tales of Phantasia for it. But making something really epic like the final boss theme is going to take a lot of work. Even though I've found some better instrument tools for it...

Using some old songs.

2008-11-28 23:25:26 by Newbiespud

Only now did I just realize that I'm sitting on a wealth of semi-original songs from three years ago. My old GarageBand group from middle school, Lynix Overide, created some neat stuff and some odd crap. And they've never been put up on the internet before. This is the perfect place to put them up, and I'd never realized that before!

But Newgrounds only allows two audio submissions per day, and I'm lookin' at... 13 of those songs that I want to put up. So it's going to take me a whole week... Oh well, it's not like I'm trying to put up all 47 of the variable-quality songs this band made.

Using some old songs.

Acceptance At Last!

2008-11-27 01:23:38 by Newbiespud

Well, what do you know? My audio submissions came through after all. Including the one I had given up on. Well, it seems I now have free reign to start making music, don't I?

Hmm... As for the two pieces I have now... Well, I don't completely like them. They both have parts that I like, but neither of them are completely engaging to me. But I'm learning right now, and hopefully these efforts will culminate into something I can really use. My ultimate goal: A soundtrack for The Interference, my fanfic universe!